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Honey & Maca Root Shampoo {SAMPLE}

Honey & Maca Root Shampoo {SAMPLE}

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Achieve stronger and cleaner hair naturally with this sensitive skin-friendly shampoo that combines nutrient dense maca with ultra-hydrating raw honey. Powered by the mild coconut-derived surfactants cocomidopropyl betaine and sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, a dense lather is possible while saving your skin from harsh commercial sulfates. 

This formula is a clean alternative to many shampoos littered with silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial fragrances, synthetic coloring agents and alcohols.

Rosemary essential oil and chamomile extract double as scalp health boosters while bringing a refreshing scent perfect for a great shampoo experience.


Glass bottled with zero filler and organic ingredients wherever possible, no expense was spared in our pursuit to provide an unparalleled blend of only 11 natural ingredients, coalescing into 8oz of highly effective shampoo fit for Mother Nature herself.

Formulated in small handmade batches, this shampoo combines the vitalistic properties of organic Australian Maca Root with local Raw Honey from Utah's Wasatch Mountains to provide the only truly natural shampoo on the market.

Two coconut-derived surfactants provide a lather fit for a salon while sparing your hair, body, and hormones from any and all phthalates, parabens, silicones, sulfates, artificial fragrances, synthetics, or alcohols.

Symbiotically scented by an organic, exalting combination of essential oil and cane sugar-based chamomile & calendula flower extracts. Highly refreshing to the scalp and nose but completely unobtrusive to either one.


How to Use

Depending on desired cleanliness, emulsify 1-4 pumps of shampoo between your hands and massage into the scalp. It is recommended to only shampoo the scalp and avoid shampooing the mids and ends of long hair to avoid drying them out. Following with a conditioner may not be necessary for everyone due to the hydrating qualities of raw honey, however, applying a light layer of oil (on wet or dry hair) after washing will help lock in moisture without requiring a conditioner.

Like all natural products, settling may occur after long durations of time. You may on scarce occasions need to lightly shake the bottle for 3-5 seconds.


Reverse Osmosis Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine*, Raw Honey, Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate*, Gelatinized Maca Root**, ProVitamin B5, Chamomile Extract**, Calendula Extract**, Xanthan Gum, Rosemary Oil**, <1% Preservative Eco

*Derived from coconut | **Organic


This is the FULL INGREDIENTS LIST, not 'key', 'effective', or 'primary':

Reverse Osmosis Water: Highly purified to remove 99% of 'organic material' (pesticides, etc.) and chemical contaminants (fluoride, etc.).

Raw Honey: Obtained locally from Utah's Wasatch Mountains; moisturizes, conditions, increases shine, and nourishes the hair follicle.

Gelatinized Maca Root (Organic): Rich in vitalistic nutrients, may assist in strengthening the hair follicle, encouraging growth, and decreasing hair fall. 

Sodium Methyl Cocoyl Taurate: A luxuriously gentle cleanser derived from coconut, typically deployed as a sulfate-free lathering agent for babies or sensitive skin.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Another exceptionally mild coconut-derived cleanser, included to reseal the hair's cuticle layer whilst acting as a deep and thorough conditioning agent.

Pro-Vitamin B5: A conditioning humectant that decreases frizz by drawing moisture into the hair shaft.

Chamomile Extract (Organic): Further soothes sensitive skin whilst providing a mild yet rich natural scent.

Calendula Extract (Organic): Provides a hint of flower scent and assists in repairing damaged hair/skin by providing heightened hydration.

Rosemary Essential Oil (Organic): A rich natural fragrance widely known for promoting scalp health and hair growth.

Xanthan Gum: a natural byproduct of fermentation, helps to thicken and stabilize formulas. 

Preservative Eco: A broad spectrum natural preservative certified by COSMOS and ECOCERT. Composed of salicylic acid, sorbic acid, benzyl alcohol, and glycerine. Preservatives are necessary in such natural water-based products to protect from the growth of mold or pathogenic microorganisms. Comprises <1% of the product.


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    Customer Reviews

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    So Far So Good

    I really enjoyed the shampoo sample! I noticed my hair felt stronger and wouldn't dry all frizzy. I am ordering an entire bottle to see how this pans out. My hair has a tendency to "get used" to a shampoo after using it for so long and I am hoping Fountainhead will change the game for me! :)