Are our hair oils safe for color treated hair?


Is it safe to use heat on hair after oiling?

While yes it is safe, we recommend applying oil after exposure to high heat.

Are our oils certified organic?

Yes, all oils have been USDA certified organic and unrefined.

Does the oil expire?

Yes, but it is safe on the shelf for up to 2 years.

What materials make up the bottle and dropper?

Both bottle and dropper are glass, while the exterior of the top is silicone.

How is the oil applied and removed?

Length Oiling

Oiling the length of the hair is an ancient practice to protect from harsh environmental elements that may harm or destroy the cuticle. This can reduce breakage and split ends by providing protection to the hair shaft, giving each strand an extra layer of defense while the nutrient-rich oils are absorbed and act as a deep moisturizer.

How to apply:

The oil can be applied to the length of the hair daily, although 2-4x per week is likely more ideal. Distribute a small amount (a few drops) depending on length & volume upon the palm and evenly disperse between fingers. Run fingers thru the hair starting near but away from the root while working down to the ends.


While the oil acts as protection, it can also be useful in styling depending on how much is applied. A light coat can greatly reduce the frizziness that accompanies a fresh wash or humid day. When distributed upon the entirety of the hair, it can also be used as a hair mask, and in our experience, the success of results is often directly proportional to the duration it's left in.

How to wash out:

A small amount of shampoo is usually perfectly sufficient to remove the oil from the hair, though slightly more may be required if also applied to the scalp. Using the cleanest, least-toxic option is always advised, but amending your pre-existing routine is not necessarily required for the oil to be of use. Raw egg yolk has been found to work exceptionally if you are inclined to stick to the natural route.

Scalp Oiling

Moisturizing Hair Oil can be applied anywhere on the body to provide both mild UV protection and the yielding of healthier, nutrient-enriched skin.

Providing these nutrients to the scalp can better equip the body with the necessary building blocks for stronger, more resilient hair.

How to apply:

Fill the graduated dropper completely (1mL) and use the Great Distributor to part the hair, getting as near to the scalp as possible. Slowly release the oil while simultaneously moving the dropper through the hair and along the scalp. It will penetrate deeper if the dropper is able to be moved parallel with the flow of the hair. Use as much oil as is necessary to distribute evenly, then gently massage the oil into the scalp for 2 to 5 minutes with fingertips.

How long to leave in:

Absorption into the scalp should begin immediately and progress will continue the longer it is left in. While dependent upon the state of your scalp, we recommend letting it soak for at least 40 minutes but even up to 12 to 24 hours before washing it out. It should not be left coating the scalp for any longer than this, as it can result in build up and subsequent blockage of UV and Infrared light from the sun, which when combined with exposure to air circulation creates the best environment for healthy hair.

How to wash out:

Oil applied to the scalp can be washed out in accordance with your current routine, although we always advise being mindful of the ingredients involved in your particular method. Double washing may be necessary depending upon hair type & texture. Raw egg yolks also work great on both the scalp and length of the hair.

Does the oil stimulate growth?

While the Moisturizing Hair Oil is not specifically designed to stimulate hair growth, it is a very likely possibility when routinely and properly applied to the scalp.


How long will it take to receive the order?

Shipments should depart within just a few days of placing your order, although all orders are fulfilled by hand, so please be patient as we assure the highest quality possible.

Do you offer international shipping?

Not currently, but we plan to offer this in the near future.

That said, if you're an exemplar of the indomitable human spirit and refuse not to propagate the will of your desires, feel free to DM us on Twitter.

Where will we ship from?

All orders are currently dispatched from Utah, USA.


Can I return my purchase?

We do not accept returns at this time.

Can I cancel my order?

All orders can be cancelled prior to shipping label generation, which you will be alerted of via a tracking # sent to your email.

Can I change my order?

All orders can be changed or revised prior to shipping label generation, which you will be alerted of via a tracking # sent to your email.

What if my package arrived damaged?

All such circumstances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If dissatisfied with your purchase for any reason, please inquire via the Contact Us page.

The Brand

Why are we called FountainHead?

The brand name was chosen as Eternal Homage to the novel The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.

What makes FountainHead products different from other haircare brands?

To our greatest ability, we ensure all products are free of plastic, chemicals, and pollutants of any kind. We use zero plastic in our production process and only use truly organic ingredients.

We strictly forbid and despise all aesthetic sins, whether in the form of website pop-ups, incessant spam, tasteless advertisements or numbered Twitter thread grifting.

Fuller and more luscious heads of natural looking hair is but one piece in the Great Puzzle of banishing ugliness via the mogging of fellow men. You must heed the call.

Where is FountainHead based?

We are based in Utah, USA.

Why is FountainHead based?

We believe in Power.

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