The Brand

It can be hard to remember that the reality of the normified beauty and cosmetic industry remains in a bleak state. While there is undoubtedly a rising sentiment for the incorporation of organic and natural ingredients in such products, it is all too common to see this done in a backhanded manner, not only from the big corporations that have dominated the industry for decades but also from fellow entrepreneurs aiming to arise and compete alongside us.

Loopholes are exploited, language is manipulated, every spammy industry tactic in the book is deployed to ensure that your money ends up in their pockets, no matter the indignity of the methods used to do so. We learned through the creation of our company just how much can be done to accomplish this, in fact every service we've used to create a more seamless user experience on this very website has attempted to upsell us more of these ugly and intrusive tools, outright demanding that we use them to "drive more traffic and increase the profitability of each customer!".
We're all for laissez faire capitalism but we also understand the difference between supplying that which is being demanded and artificially appealing to that demand in no other sense but vague language to justify the act of supplying sub-par products. We believe the former path is noble while the latter is disgraceful and exploitative.

Not only will these deliberately misleading "competitors" repeatedly sacrifice the quality of their products to heighten margins by fractions of a percent, they also remain complacent with their Aesthetic Sins in the form of spam, grifting, discount pop-ups, chat bots, and various other methods that have come to be viewed as normal when visiting a website, but are actually ugly, annoying, and a blatant insult to your intelligence.
While this may be a lucrative path financially, we remain under the conviction that refusing to operate in such a manner, as most do for no other reason than "this is what everyone does", is what truly differentiates FountainHead from most all "competitors", leaving us with next-to-no real competition at all. This unwillingness to cut corners or compromise is what has made a few other brands in the natural health and beauty niche genuinely worthy of their rapid success and accolades. It's with these companies that we are more than happy to compete, and it is with the former that we wish to wage war.
Our overlap with the worthy comes in the form of providing precisely what is advertised: all-natural organic ingredients and nothing but.
As it stands now, the entirety of our operation has been conducted by hand and from scratch by two individuals sharing the desire to provide precisely what is advertised in all metrics. Every decision curated from the perspective of Aesthetics and Utility rather than profit and exploitation.
We are working very hard to formulate and create many new products and hope to release them as soon as possible!
At the end of the day, the true aim of FountainHead is to assist in initiating a rapid progression to truly organic and carefully selected ingredients across the entire health and beauty industry via genuine Demand.
Anything less should be considered unacceptable, completely unworthy of both your money and attention alike.