• Recommended use

    Depending on desired cleanliness, emulsify 2-4 pumps of shampoo between your hands and massage into the scalp, double cleansing if necessary. It is recommended to only shampoo the scalp and avoid shampooing the mids and ends of long hair to avoid drying them out. Following with a conditioner may not be necessary for everyone due to the hydrating qualities of raw honey, however, applying a light layer of oil (on wet or dry hair) will help lock in moisture without using conditioner.

  • Overview

    Since the Rosemary & Lavender Growth Oil is intended specifically to be a skin or scalp treatment, the oils included in the concoction were all selected for their skin-absorbent capabilities. This enables them to deeply penetrate both the pore and hair follicle without clogging them, acting as carriers for the essential growth oils in order to allow penetration at a much deeper level than they are capable of on their own. Both Rosemary & Lavender were selected firstly for their ancient homeopathic pasts and secondly for the accompanying scientific research. Very promising results have been achieved when combined with jojoba oil, and with black seed oil acting as the anti-inflammatory cherry-on-top, we are extremely confident that the highly specific and refined ratio of each oil will provide results unparalleled by any other products on the market.

  • Recommended use

    Evenly distribute about ½–1mL of oil on the scalp, hairline, beard or other area of desired growth (no judgment from us) and massage gently for 2–3 minutes until it is clear it has begun sufficient absorption into the skin. Allow the oil to sit and continue absorption for at least 20 minutes or up to 8 hours. We recommend doing this 1–3x per week, dependent upon individual needs. After each use, wash out thoroughly using your usual method but preferably the least-toxic option available. Our own all-natural shampoo was crafted specifically with our oils in mind and can be found here or at the top of this page.

    Growth oil 
  • Length Oiling

    Oiling the length of the hair can reduce breakage and split ends by providing protection to the hair shaft, giving each strand an extra layer of defense while the nutrient-rich oils are absorbed and act as a deep moisturizer.

    Moisturizing Oil 
  • Recommended use

    Depending on the length of hair, warm 2-6 drops of oil in your hands and evenly distribute throughout your hair (focussing on the ends). This oil will bring immediate hydration to hair strands due to rapidly absorbing oils. The oil can be left on for days or minutes before washing out, depending on the desired hydration. This oil can also be used sparingly to decrease frizz and to style freshly washed hair. Wash out thoroughly via your usual routine or by using our Honey and Maca Shampoo. Double cleansing is recommended to completely remove the oil.